Thanks so much for coming and showing us Wicketball.  The teachers loved it and are all really interested in trying it out in their classes.  I will most likely be purchasing one or two more sets.   I loved Wicketball and think the other teachers in the district would benefit from having it in their class as well.   

Sara, Kansas

Received the set and it is Fabulous!!

Holly, Ohio

Love the game, my wife is still beating me regularly.  It is a shoe thing! :)

Larry, Kansas

Wicketball is wonderful.  It is great for home use and I plan to take it to our office picnic later this month.  I was impressed with the heavy-duty quality of the wickets.  You've certainly got a winner on your hands!

Mike, Virginia

It is going well with the Wicketball.  Most students love it.  We have done regular and speed rounds.

Katy, Kansas

Actually the first time I played, it appeared to be pretty simple, but… turned out to be very challenging. A lot of the challenge is, of course, determined by the wicket setup and the terrain as well as the competition.

I am competitive by nature so I enjoy playing anything. The great thing about Wicketball is that it’s never the same, or at least it doesn’t have to be. You and your wife and/or your kids can each have their own home course.  Another great thing about Wicketball is that everyone can play! If you can kick it you can Wicket.

Wade, Missouri

Lot’s of fun, but I thought it would be easy.  It’s only easy if the course is set that way, but as I found out, it was very challenging!  It’s the perfect blend of fun and competition.  It’s fabulous fun for all ages and skill levels.  Like any great sport, you want to keep on playing!

Brian, Kansas

It seemed like a unique game.  I sure thought I was going to beat you.  It involves skill & strategy (and a little luck).  Its good exercise and it’s fun for all ages and skill levels.  I’m a soccer player and I thought I would have an advantage, but as I recall, one of your little guys, 8 years old (I think it was Luke) beat me. 

Jimmy, Camp Director, Michigan

I really enjoy playing Wicketball. It's a social friendly game that I can play with my family and friends. It's easy to play, but the challenge is there for those who wish to master it.  

Frank, California

Hey Bob, this is a great game.  I used it last week with the kids of a youth camp that I was leading.  They liked it a lot.  The game is really good!

Ali, Nicaragua

Wicketball is great fun and is as versatile a game as you want to make it! No matter where I set it up, I can adapt the game to a setup that meets my needs. Go with a simple layout for a quicker pace for younger players, or incorporate obstacles and challenging layouts to create a tougher test and pace for older competitors. Best of all it works in every environment, whether it’s hot or cold outside, whether I’m on grass or dirt…wherever. It always makes for a great afternoon of fun in the outdoors! Thanks again!

 Jeremy, Kansas

When I first heard about Wicketball, it sounded like an interesting combination of different sports.  First off, I enjoy the challenge.  It's very challenging.  Secondly, I enjoy the similarity to golf.  I like the opportunity to talk to the people you are playing with, while working your way through the course.  It's just a great time to hang out and enjoy some friendly competition.

Kraig, Kansas

Wicketball is a fun challenge. Maybe something that could hone my soccer skills, while being competitive.  Its outdoors, its fun, its exercise, its awesome!  You can play solo or with friends. Its easy to set-up, all you need is an open patch of grass. Anyone can learn.

Matt, Virginia

At first, I thought Wicketball would be too much like golf, which I don't enjoy.  But I also thought it looked like a fun sport and challenging.  Great use of a couple acres of land.  It is fun to play with friends at a get-together in the "country".    Not too exhausting… can play with a beverage in your hand.  Variety of options and set ups.  Individual sport.  Don't need more than two to play.  Great alternative to croquet.  Exercise.

Paul, Kansas

Wicketball sounded like a lot of fun and I thought… what an ingenious idea for a game!  It’s challenging, strategic, good exercise, can be played in teams or as individuals, and it’s a great party game that can be played with a group of people.

Bob, Kansas

I thought that it would be pretty simple, but I had loads of fun and it was quite challenging.  Because it doesn't have the competitive atmosphere of some other games, so you can have fun while playing.  If someone buys their own Wicketball set, then they could host a party, bring it with them to a friend's house, and play just about wherever they want to. 

Parker, Kansas (age 13)

I think it is the elements around the course itself combined with the fact that it is very basic by its nature.  The only requirement is that you have to kick a ball and have reasonable aim. The fun part comes in how you approach each wicket and how you plan to work around the hazards. You don't have to be intimidated by someone with a big leg or a lot of soccer experience because there are enough ripples in the game to even the playing field for all ages and experience levels.  I also like it because it is a great game to play with a friend or just getting to know someone for the first time. There is plenty to talk about as you play along the course and opportunities to laugh at each other.

While I think it would be more fun on a larger yard with a lot of change in terrain, I think it is very simple to setup and get started.  It would be a great game for families or friends that want to get together for some casual fun. It can also be competitive, but it doesn't have to be. You can just experience the game and have a lot of laughs afterwards talking about it.  I also think it would be great for youngsters just starting out with a soccer ball.  They can develop many of the basic skills of kicking the ball by just playing the game. I also believe that park districts could find use with this. They could have independent courses or somehow tie it into their disc golf courses. I also think school districts (for all grade levels) could incorporate this somehow into their PE curriculum as a way to introduce people to soccer and basic fundamentals.  The game of Wicketball is a course set-up sport, but it shouldn't be limited to just that.

Doug, Kansas

When I first heard of Wicketball, I thought it would be a lot of fun.   I think I have played in almost every kind of weather and what I remember most about playing is always having fun and laughing a lot.  I also enjoy playing because there are so many different ways to play that it never gets old.  It has been a few years since I have played and I've been looking forward to playing again.  It is never ending fun.

Amber, Indiana

I am always looking for new and unique games and this one takes the cake from the time you lay your eyes on it.  Trust me you have never seen a game like this one.   It’s fun and provokes good laughter and challenges with every kick!  It’s a guaranteed good time with your friends and family, no matter what age or skill level this will be a hit with everyone!

Brad, Michigan

Of course my favorite sport is Soccer and Wicketball really is a lot like soccer, but just smaller goals.
And also because it's more of a challenge, because you have to get it through the wickets and it's harder than a regular sized soccer goal.  It's also a lot harder when you're playing against other players.  And it's good too because my parents are always trying to get us to go outside and it's something to do and it takes about an hour or two to go around the course once and come back.
Someone should buy a set because they could use it as much as they want.  They can set it up anywhere they want to (like in their front or backyard), they can get as much as they want (the sets) and they could invite friends over to their house and play it to have a great time.  It's fun to play here because we have hills and it makes the game even MORE challenging.

Cassie, Kansas (age 13)

When I first heard of Wicketball, I wasn't sure what to expect but had it pictured as a kind of croquet type game using a soccer ball.  As it turns out, there are elements of those sports/games and yet much more which makes it such a challenge.

It can be a challenging game, but a lot of fun, whether you're in the middle of a head-to-head match or just trying the course on your own.  You have to 'picture' how you want to play each shot and then physically perform the shot.  Plus, it's amazing how often momentum can shift from wicket to wicket with the final outcome determined by one or more crazy, unlikely shots.

Someone should buy a Wicketball set for the following reasons:  they enjoy playing outdoor games, like to be able to modify/adjust a game to fit different skill and age levels, want something that many people are capable of playing at once, and like games that won't get boring over time. 

Chuck, Kansas

I was very excited to play when I heard about Wicketball.  Being a soccer player, the game looked very challenging and fun  (plus I knew I would dominate at the sport, lol!)  You get to hang with your friends, be outdoors and have a fun time.  It kind of gives you the feel of playing golf with a bunch of  your buddies.  You should get a Wicketball set to spend time with friends, get outdoors and get some exercise while having fun.

Wes, Missouri

When I heard about Wicketball, I had no idea what to expect, actually.  I had no idea how fun this game is.  The different strategies that the game entails is why I like to play.  Buy a set for hours of outdoor fun with family and friends of all ages! 

Rob, California


Wicketball is a cool concept. Versatile in nature, simple to understand, fun both physically and mentally.   Simple concept and only basic skills required to enjoy, yet challenging for the competitive strategist as well.  Can be played most anytime, anywhere.  Minimal setup required.  Beautifully blends the fun and familiarity of soccer, croquet, and golf skills.  

It is simple to explain and construct, it can be set up in any terrain, or configuration, great for all ages and various group sizes.  You can play alone or in pairs, or foursomes.  With customized rules, or handicaps the fun and challenges are endless.  

Steven, Kansas

The first time I saw the game it looked just like something new to try.  Just a game for the kids.  But I have watched it grow into a sport, in and of itself.  It is a game that truly anyone could play, young or old.  I was well into my 60's the first time I played and I thought I did a pretty good job.  It's fun because you get to play outside, and it is challenging and makes you use some strategy on how to play the lay of the land and the angle of your shot, kind of like pool or even golf.  Any one can play, and any number could play. Two people can make a game of it, but so could 20 people. Owning a set, you could set it up in your back yard with a few wickets, or in a park or field with all the wickets. And there is nothing else like it, so it truly is a new experience.

Pat, Kansas

I thought the game sounded like a lot of fun… and indeed it was… a lot of fun!

Joe, California (age 80)

I thought I would love Wicketball because I hear it has to do with a soccer ball and I love soccer.  Now, I play Wicketball because I love soccer, and people should play it because it is fun!

Luke, Kansas (age 10)

At first I thought it would be easy, but it takes enough skill that it can be very challenging.  It is fun, challenging and different.  The whole family can play.  You should buy a set so that you can play anywhere.

Darius, Kansas

I thought Wicketball would be easy to play.  I like playing because of the time spent with new and old friends while playing through the rounds.  It’s a great game for all ages; depending on the how and where you set up your course it can be simple and fun for the young and old, or it can be extremely challenging for those that are competitive. 

John, Kansas

I thought that it would be great fun and challenging.  I enjoy competing in various ways, and Wicketball allows me to compete utilizing a combination of skills including kicking accuracy and strategic ability.  The game is a combo of soccer, golf, and croquet.  It is more exciting than golf because the course and the opponent challenge me.  It is less strenuous than soccer, which is a plus.  Wicketball utilizes less equipment than golf or croquet and the course can remain constant or change as the competitors see fit.  This game is fun for all ages.

Jill, Kansas

When I first heard of Wicketball I thought of a game involving wickets.  I like to play because it's fun and competitive.  It is fun to try a new sport.

Ben, Kansas (age 12)

I've been fortunate to play Wicketball for several years with a great group of guys.  I've made new friends and met old friends through this game all because of the creativity of the inventor of Wicketball.  I'm not particularly athletic when it comes to soccer or croquet, but the unique combination of these two sports has brought out my competitive nature for Wicketball.  Generally, I find myself doing very well in tournament play and getting some good exercise at the same time. 

I've only played in the summer and on a great hilly course but this is a great sport for all seasons and terrains.  The combination of unique elements associated with the changing weather and terrain only add to the enjoyment of this sport.  For me, a more unique setting provides for more challenges, stories, and laughs at the conclusion of the day.  For anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors, getting some good exercise while enjoying the company of fellow competitors, and some great memories to share for the next round this is the sport for you!

Dave, Kansas